15 Gallon Best Electric Water Heater



Best Electric Water Heater for Your Home! Enjoy a constant supply of hot water for your daily needs Our top-rated electric water heaters offer superior performance and efficiency, ensuring you never run out of hot water. Say goodbye to cold showers and welcome the comfort and convenience of the best electric water heater on the market. Invest in quality and reliability today, and experience the difference it makes in your everyday life.

We Specialize in Gas & Electric Geyser with last 25 years of experience

Product Feature

  • 1. Unique Design, mini-type used everywhere.
  • 2. Automatically Control: supply the cold water, heat and maintain temperature.
  • 3. Twin Function Safety Value.
  • 4. High-density Glass Wool insulation.
  • 5. Heatproof pure white plastic panel.
  • 6. Steel Chrome high-pressure pipe.
  • 7. Power Controlling button.
  • 8. The Highest temperature is no more than 80c.

Product Description:

Wattage  Energy Saving
Voltage 220V – 50HZ
Inner Tank Galvanized Sheet
Mounting Vertical
Grantee 1 Year Tank Grantee
Model General